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surf coaching workshop
How do we teach?
One of our unique selling points is how we teach. The learning cycle system encourages the permanent embedding of surfing techniques so that they become second nature and are subconsciously repeated when riding a wave.

What do we teach?
Surfing through Biomechanics.

Style is an interpretation of technique. all the best surfers in the world move in the same way, but they have different styles, different variations of the same core movements. At OKIA we will show you those core movement patterns ( The correct surf technique ) that will help you develop amazing style.


"No matter the level you are you can apply surfing biomechanics to your arsenal"

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Why a surfing workshop on land?
The ocean can be a very stressful environment and you could be just concentrating on not wiping out and not drowning rather than practicing a new skill. Imagine yourself trying to learn math’s whilst waiting to catch the next wave. 

If you are totally relaxed, you are more likely to absorb the information being taught. Therefore, a land-based workshop will ultimately save you time and money so that when you do enter the ocean to surf you will be better prepared, have the necessary skills set and will have a brilliant surfing experience.

Ready to change your surfing forever?

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We offer two different workshops depending on your level of surfing. For more information about what level you are on click on THIS LINK and find out.  The OKIA surf program is going to help you figure our what is your surfing ability what is the path to take in our workshops.

Beginner to Novice


Foundation to Pro

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