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SASS Global travel x 

" An immersive program designed to take any experienced or professional surfer to a deep level of movement awareness through surfing biomechanics, designed to improve performance drastically "

" Knowledge 
is power "

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World class surfing

Course Outline

Through the learning cycle, we make the learning period short, and we are not only able to learn a skill, but the system lets us simultaneously perfect it. The learning cycle System is the art of learning how to surf quickly. This system allows you to make movement patterns unconscious (for example, a bottom turn)

The learning cycle system is also taught as a tool to learn new skills in the future, not only in surfing but any sport. Through this tool, we teach surfing Biomechanics, which is critical in improving performance.

To understand the ​course prices and outline please download the pdf file explaining the content and schedule of the course.

Note: "The price of the course is an upgrade from the price of the all-inclusive , package which already includes daily coaching by okia Surfing "
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