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Surfing biomechanics, the study of how the human body moves and interacts with the surfboard and water, is a game-changer in the world of surfing. Okia Surfing takes a unique approach to this, understanding that the fundamental biomechanical concepts can transform a surfer's performance overnight, regardless of their level. Richie's cutting-edge coaching systems have made a significant impact, coaching two nations in world championship competitions, including Olympic qualification events. The success stories behind Okia surfing students are very inspiring, from kids becoming the top JR surfers in the USA and Australia to the best in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

One of the reasons Okia Surfing has changed and upgraded surfers from every level is through fundamental concepts like weight distribution. So many surf coaches and surfers worldwide claim to know about weight distribution. The word on the street is ´´there are backfoot and front-footed surfers at the highest level. ´´. You get to pick. What if I tell you that precisely this is why the sport is stuck nowadays, and 99% of the surfers in the world are stuck on the same level. I’m 100% sure I’m the industry's leading push in surfing biomechanics and surf coaching. Not only from the results I have achieved with several athletes in a short time, but I see the correct information changes performance overnight. Weight distribution is the answer to changing your surfing, no matter the level.

Everyone claims to know how to use their weight in the surfing world. But this is the definite answer to the question (Where should the weight go when we surf?)

Get ready, because the world of surfing is on the brink of a revolutionary change. With the right knowledge and application of biomechanics, surfers can take their performance to new heights.

Dive into this Biomechanics Master class about weight distribution with me.

This podcast was an interview with Internet coaching guru Van Vu, founder of Basis Surf. Basis Surf offers a series of podcasts and interviews with the industry's leading coaches, surfers, and shapers. This is a master class in weight distribution.

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