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Alsi High performance workshop

ALSI Caribbean is a fantastic eco-conscious brand born in Puerto Rico, inspired by the ocean and everything to do with it. They produce top-quality apparel designed by artists, ready to wear on the waves or the beach. Their products' high-quality fabric and smooth art make them my go-to brand to wear on the beach.

Alsi sponsors some of the best surfers in Puerto Rico. They have a team of the most rad girls you will ever encounter on and off the beach.

Alsi collaborated with SASS global travel and Okia on a Surfing Biomechanics Workshop over the most fantastic winter waves at Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Okia Surfing is a company that does technical surf coaching to the highest level. The basis of Okia is to provide technical surfing concepts in a comfortable space and to create awareness through knowledge and understanding of Surfing biomechanics. Founded by the expert in Biomechanics Richie Murua

This specific process is something called the learning cycle system. The fastest way to learn surfing. The workshop that Okia surfing did for the Alsi athletes changed their surfing forever. Through the workshop, they went through fundamental concepts applied to film and analyzed on that same day closing the learning cycle and making the concepts click on the athletes. This is the promise of Okia surfing, a very advanced way of surf coaching above a regular surf lesson meant to change your surfing forever. After finishing the workshop, the Alsi Girls had a well-deserved ice bath to recover from a productive training day.

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